Sunday, November 23, 2008

Llamas will break your heart without so much as a "My bad"

So here I am looking at pictures of llamas online, because who doesn't love llamas, right? (Penguins, those jealous fucks.) And what do I come across but an article about this older llama that died in 2006, making the zoo where it was very sad. The llama's name was Chief, and it had a severe colic reaction, WHICH TOTALLY FUCKING RUINED MY SUNDAY.

At least move back to Peru or something, so we can imagine you frolicking forever. Funny looking mouths come with a responsibility to not play with our emotions.

So thanks a lot, Llama, you heartless fucking bastard.


Saad Ali Abbasi said...

aww poor fellaw lol

Anonymous said...
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GRK. said...

How the frig can a zoo feel sadness?