Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Panda accomplices fully liable

Attention people who have access to Pandas. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT KIND OF POWER YOU POSSESS. You are like a child that stumbles upon one of the rings from lord of the rings, only instead of a ring it is a FUCKING PANDA. Keep all pandas away from toys and other human objects like cars, hats, and exercise machines. If not, you will be held fully responsible for the damage they inflict.

Oh yeah, and fuck you, Panda.


Steph(anie) said...

How is no one has commented on this yet? What, is there some kind of gag order? Are the panda people THAT powerful? Well, fuck them.

Unknown said...

ok panda... hows this for an internet rumor-powdered baby panda bone is a ancient chinese remedy for erectile dysfunction. poof! bye bye cute little panda with all you know and love. we can recycle that blue thing into little key chains that say "i remember pandas".

does any one have any bamboo?

HoboSimian said...

Oh sure, it's easy to assume that humans are to blame for staging this picture...but now, since we've all already seen the 'giant bear in a hammock' shot, I think we need to consider the likelihood that this panda made his way onto that plastic rocking atrocity ALL BY HIMSELF. And now he thinks he's SO smart and nimble! Well, go nimbly fuck yourself, Panda!