Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh, now orange isn't cute enough?

What the hell do you think you are doing, Tiger? You are destroying my ability to function as a responsible member of society what with your extremely rare and yet equally extremely cute little appearance. At this point in life you have two choices: grow the fuck up and dye your hair orange like a NORMAL FUCKING TIGER or just jam a knife into my skull and put an end to my misery. Dammit, Tiger. I literally hate you.


crystal o'reilly said...

you're a fucking genius. i think i'm in love with you.

teets said...

This is my new favorite website. Ever. omg. Dye your fucking hair like a normal tiger.

Unknown said...

Actually, its sad that white tigers are bred. The whiteness of their fur is an abnormality that also accompanies problems with the mentality of the tiger. They are born dumber than tigers with orange fur. Yes they are cute, but they shouldn't be bred that way.

Ghost Twelve Seven said...

William, its a joke. quit being a douche. I think youre an abnormality. Your born dumber then most people. Yes you are cute, but you shouldnt have been born.

ouhite1 said...

Ghost127 what is your problem? Did Will do something to you? Did he say something to you? He dropped some info so that people here can do more than look at cuss and pics of cute animals, maybe learn something

in other words

don't tell him to get a sense of humor when you're the one who's doing all the bitchin'...!


Unknown said...

bastardmeric what is your problem? Did the letter "l" do something to you? What about punctuation marks like , or . ?

In other words: I find that sense of humor positively correlates to the amount of effort invested in weblog comments.

Gideon said...

I'm just digg'n the catharsis here.
RAGE ON!!! Don't let the animals get all the attention!
I'm starting to wonder if this blog is run by a penguin who is trying to pit humans against each other with reverse psychology...I will not succumb to this 'strategery,' fuck you penguin!!!

Splenda Renda said...

Ghost Twelve Seven.
Flame on brother.
You're hilarious, along with bastardmeric.

April said...

Funniest shit I've read in my life. Period. I can't formulate complete sentences well

Unknown said...

I'm sure that the breeding of white tigers is sad, but I heard somewhere that the meat of baby white tigers is more tender than that of regular baby tigers. Is this true? Can anyone recommend a restaurant where I can try this delicacy?

kingstreetfarm said...

Holy shit, I just pissed on my chair. HAHAHAHHAHA

Katherine said...

best post ever

Laura said...

amazing. i love this blog.

pans peter said...

the white ones when you bite into them are actually orange in the center,duh !none of you guys know anything!!!

Recovery said...

do you see what these tigers are doing to us?!
they are making us crazy. everybody get a hold of yourselves.
i mean, sure i'm a few weeks late to this argument, but i'm sure you are all still upset.
now everybody stop yelling, and the strongest one of us should go and fuck that little tiger for christmas.

Chris said...

You are my new favorite blog! Fucking hilarious!

Jenny said...


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Randi said...

google "Kenny white tiger Bentonville, Arkansas" and you will see how most white tigers come out.
Only about 1 in 60 white tigers are not so retarded and malformed that they can be sold to zoos. the messed up ones are dirty secrets.

and ghost12whatever - you used the wrong 'your' douchebag.

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