Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cliché Capybaras

Am I wrong, or did someone just take one capybara and photoshop it in different sizes and positions into the same picture? GET A NEW LOOK CAPYBARA. At this point, I'm pretty sure that meeting one capybara means you have met them all. But in the end, who wants to meet a capybara anyway? They are giant rats that think just because they have webbed feet and let you pet them that they can roam the earth for millions of years and no one will ever call them on their shit. Well you know what, Capybara? Maybe you would actually deserve my affection if you started showing just a little bit of interest in my life. But instead you just stand there with that smug look on your face, time and time again. Not very original, Capybara. How long do you really think you can ride this wave before I stop feeding you this cantelope?


Will Niccolls said...

Rats that need a nose job, if you ask me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

They are the penguins of the rodent world. Not an original among them.

Capybara, you are only special in the short-bus sense. Deal.

Tara Rabeumdeay said...

Wow, I've not seen such smugness since early November.

And eeeew, they're damp.

Lauren said...

That snout area is disturbing.

wombat said...

Thank you, FUP. Just, thank you.

DH said...

Capybaras, I don't care if you are the world's largest rodent (well, second largest, if you include Cheney); you come north of the border, and any NY subway rat will kick your ass all the way back to fucking Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Big nose, needs some surgery...

Steph(anie) said...

They think that just because they inspired the in Princess Bride that they are all that. Posers.

Anonymous said...

Soppy rodent bastards with their cute little squinty eyes that peer right into your soul (shudder).

Trish said...

Notice how no matter where you stand or sit, their little beady eyes seem to be following you? Huh? It's always the quiet ones. But I see a little of "you looking at ME?" going on here...and it scares me.

Unknown said...

They look like those Russian nesting dolls. Bizarre, man.

JAMES WOE said...

its so easy to feel important and smug when you hang in little homogeneous groups...pitiful, rock faced, wet furred freaks.

Wee Laura said...

These fuckers have the exact same look on their faces as the head cheerleader always did back in high school. Also? Now that I think about it? Striking resemblance to the puss White House Press Secretary Dana Perino constantly has on. OK, I get it, Capybaras...You're the Mean Girls of the animal world. You're fucking HEATHERS, is what you are. Well, fuck you AND Winona Ryder! I will NOT set adorable photos of you OR Ms. Ryder as my computer wallpaper, and this is DEFINITELY the last time I'm scratching either of you behind the ears. Now get back to your tea and croquet, you fucking bitches.

Anonymous said...

they've succeeded in cloning themselves.. now begins the war for human survival.

Anonymous said...

I bet they're cheap bastards, too.

That's exactly the look my Dad gave me when I wanted a raise in my allowance.

Jessica Mooney said...

The only good Capybara is one being devoured by pirahna.

OzarkTroutBum said...

We should import those fuckers up here. They look docile and delicious.

Ever hear of a Nutrea, Senor Capybaras?

You could be next on the menu fucker!!!

Nicole oh-so Lovely said...

i demand more baby elephants!


JediJeff said...

And what's up with the squinty eyes? Do they think it makes them cool or something? What asses.

MarianneSp said...

Your site is funnier than mine. I hate you. I love you. Marry me immediately. Animals often have mites.

wombat said...

They think they are so superior. Look at them here, having their picture painted.


gregoryyy said...

Now we know just who put in those extra "votes" over at Cute Overload.We know.

It sure is funny how have that look on your face Capybara.Smug? a little to confident?


It's sure is funny( to me) how all the animal pics now have either a deep resentful stare OR that look of" I don't give a flying fuck".STOP IT.

Unknown said...

One word: Moist.

Fucking disgusting moist gigantic rats. What is cute about that? Two of those words I would use to describe a good shit.

Anonymous said...

Alright capybara! Your flat ended noses will not stand! And then you have this look of "I don't give a fuck", but deep down, you mock me. Don't mock me capybara. I simply won't have it!!!

kingstreetfarm said...

Smug rat bastards.

skwilli said...

They are just too damn cute. Guinea Pigs you can ride.

Theo said...

There's nothing I can say to MC Capybara that hasn't been said already.

Taylor Taylor said...

You're famous on Fizmodo. said...

Meh. They look like a wombat got it on with a clydesdale horse.

I'm unimpressed.

Mame said...

They act like Tapirs don't even exist. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

those, must look...away...must try, can't...hold..much lon...

*** Yes master Capybaras, what is your bidding, oh master ****

Check out "Kick Stuff" on fb. You'll be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

They look like my "Bawston Blue Blood" in-laws.

With less facial hair.

Even the women.

I can even "hea-ah the awccents" as they await the next dinner course and "tawk about those awful upstawt Kennedys..."

Michele Johnson said...

These rat wannabes are just begging to be punched in the snout.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Well yeah rats? I'm glad you made the main portion of the anaconda's meal. I do.

Anonymous said...

They look like rat snobs. I bet they all drive Hummers.

Song of Style said...

haha they all have the same facial expression! lol

FixItJim said...

It is unbelievable, but it exists. Those crazy cats at Give Me a Burger...or whatever...have actually gone so far as to publish a book. I was able to take a real-life photo of that book which is located in the "Humor" section of a national chain store.

This is not a drill. These twisted felines and their incredulous masters' will stop at nothing to twist what it is that constitutes classic American humor and that which constitutes filth.

Julian Meteor said...


VERY suspicious!!!!!! lol
I LOVE this website. I have been a SECRET reader for MONTHS now, but I have decided to EXPOSE myself!!!!!! rofl

Weaver said...

They like water. I hate them.

Cindy said...

That little one on the left is pretty damn cute.

Shawn said...

I now feel even better knowing that I ate one while in first I was like this is a giant fucking rat, but whatever. Next time, I'll chew even harder!

Julian Meteor said...

I'm ready for the next pic now!!!!

I KEEP clicking 'refresh'!!!!

Word of warning though: do NOT post a picture of an owl.
I HATE owls.

Queen of Cheese said...

ooh i like the teeny ones

Anonymous said...

God, I love this blog.

Tall said...

Capybaras are the Derrick Zoolanders of the rat world, stupid fucking one trick ponies. I hope that you're soon extinct capybara, you suck.

gibsongirl said...

You mean "copy"baras.

Michael said...

You know capybaras are all hiding big buck teeth under those long lip flaps.

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