Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FUP WinsFraud at polls!

^^A penguin celebrates like it's Leo fucking DiCaprio^^

I would like to apologize to Cute Overload. I had them wrong. It was my understanding that they were a respectable site, merely led astray by evil and corrupt animals convincing them to do nasty things. But now I realize the truth.

For in fact, just as we were closing in on victory, they launched a SNEAK ATTACK by adding the poll directly to their main page IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF RULE #1.

If it was rule #3, I would understand. I didn't even read rule #2. But people, ARE WE REALLY SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE CUTE OVERLOAD DIDN'T READ RULE #1?

I know you people are lazy and don't want to click through to another page. I understand because I am one of you (I actually didn't get around to voting, I was planning on doing it tonight). If I could have put the poll on my front page, DON'T YOU THINK I WOULD HAVE DONE IT????

But I play by the rules. Unlike penguins and some bloggers. And by "some bloggers," I mean the fine people over at Cute Overload. (By "penguins," I literally meant penguins.)

As if it couldn't get any worse, here is what some horrible, nasty commenter over there callously said about this site:

If the language doesn't offend one's delicate sensibilities, FUP is uproarously funny. It is just friendly competition, though, to put it in perspective. They're both quality sites that greatly enrich the web experience of thousands of people. No need to declare everlasting and exclusive loyalty to one or the other.


But alas, it is all over now.

As we speak, animals all over the globe are emboldened. But just because we lost the battle, ladies and gentlemen, does not mean we will lose the war. We. Will. Prevail.

Stay strong, get some rest, and tomorrow, we begin again.


SHIMO said...

isn't the basic rule of rules: 'if you cheat you are disqualified?'

step it up, FUP. call them on their shit. be a good animal-blog-world friend, and tell 'em like it is.

Vickie Jean @ Zazou said...

ahem. CO didn't cheat. The poll was never directly posted on the main page.

Unknown said...

so did we win? and do you get a sweet badge or something to put on fuckyoupenguin?

Tavi said...

This is not okay.

Vickie Jean @ Zazou said...

Pretty poor sportsmanship to lose and falsely accuse the winner of cheating...

M said...

Damn, that just screws the pooch.

Marinka said...

Cute Overload, brought to you by the same geniuses who brought you Bush II.

Vickie Jean @ Zazou said...

FYP, from the Sarah Palin school of "blame everyone else for my loss" thought.

Leanne said...

The "edit this post" link is such a fine function, it means you can change errors and those that didn't see it before will NEVER get that chance. It's okay, FUP, you guys rock. And if you want a cool design to really set you apart for next year, you just let me know.

Tall said...

@ Karen

Pretty poor sportsmanship for CO to cheat is what I would say...

FUP, you're #1 in my book!

Tara Rabeumdeay said...

Why am I not surprised? What people won't do these days to win. Shameless, shameless, I tell you.

This is the Best. Blog. Ever. Of. Any. Kind.

So there. In my heart, you are #1.

Dave Hamann said...

I'm amazed you can type so well with those flippers, "Karen".

Vickie Jean @ Zazou said...

I get by. It's the not flying thing that really chaps my hide!

Anonymous said...

umm... It was just a link on CO's front page that redirected you to actual poll on the contest site. CO did not embed the poll on the front page therefore, CO DID NOT CHEAT. FYP.. your a sore looser it seems....

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

yeah you were robbed. thanks for setting the record straight. FUCK YOU CUTE OVERLOAD. Your blog is booooorrrrriinnggg... FUP, FTW!

Belanger said...

Clearly, you are all very savvy web-users and can tell the difference between a JPEG image and the Flash movie used for voting?


Stop your whining and suck it up.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Last year I got disqualified for merely trying to vote twice for my own blog (and it was totally an innocent deal, but wtf, I was trying to get it coded and loaded correctly.

Bernie Madoff is still a free man, too.

Anonymous said...

It sure looked to me like it was embedded on the front page, and it worked like the flash movie, so are we supposed to inspect the source code to see if it's legal? FUP was robbed. Nobody else had the damned thing right in your face.

Megan said...

Fuck You Penguin? How about fuck you cute overload?

bazoo said...

i am ashamed of Cute Overload. if it weren't for their shameless pandering for votes, people wouldn't have bother to follow a side link to vote for them. YOUR readers, however, obviously care enough about penguin-cide to follow links for your favor. they may have "won" by .3%, but in my opinion what they did is a bigger loss.

FixItJim said...

Obviously the fine gentiles at Cute Overload didn't get the memo: THIS IS THE INTERWEB...NOT A PRESIDENTIAL RACE IN FLORIDA.

Next year...next year...2009 is the Year of the Penguin or some other positive reinforcement statement.


Heather said...

Ahem. CuteOverload fans:

The rule states, "the poll cannot appear on the main page of your site..."

No language regarding a distinction between still image and flash movie.

Try this:

1) Go to CuteOverload's main page.
2) See the poll appearing on main page.

I thought CuteOverload was just humorless. But apparently, it is also either brainless or ethic-less.

The_Aitch said...

cute overload? More like puke aundryload! Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Except that Weblog awards disabled the embedded voting on the 12th, and clicking on the embedded poll simply redirected you to the main vote page, because it was an overload on their servers. So no, no cheating at all.

Technogeekboy said...

I think CO just hired a bunch of marmoset or ferret assholes to spend their days voting repeatedly for CO instead of relaxing in the sun or play wrestling with each other and posing for nature photographers. The bastards.

tracy @mamacreates said...

you're funny.

Elisabitch said...

ROBBED. I voted for you twice because fuckyoupenguin rules and all the other blogs suck ass. Sorry, but I don't like "cute." I like ridicule and shit-talkin', which is exactly what I get here. ROBBED, I say. Can't comment on the cheating issue because I don't remember seeing it on their site, but keep hating, we love it.

Jessica Mooney said...

This blog is so rough and tough. I love it. It makes me feel all warm and tingly.

سهیل said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DollarSign said...


Tristan the Piston said...

I wanted to like FUP a while back when I first heard about you. I haven't checked back after my initial visit. Now, I can't say I'm surprised that you are a sore loser. Interestingly enough, CO did not even mention this contest for several days, and still managed to mobilize enough support to win.

Anonymous said...

weblogawards posted this Tweet [CuteOverload] Peeps! We need your help! Vote Cute overload best pet Blog! Only 45 minutes left! http://tinyurl.com/8ub8ov about 3 hours ago from web

SO you got the contest shilling for one of the contestants. What is this, an Illinois gubernatrial election?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Cute Overload should def have their title stripped.
I certainly won't be clicking there again and giving them traffic.

delusionsofgrandeur said...

Cute Overload is Boring!

Anonymous said...

Stop your whining and suck it up.


What's the fun in losing if we can't whine, hurl childish insults, and make bogus accusations?

This is exactly why CO sucks. Those retards can't even get into a blog war without draining the life out of everyone involved.

Those nancies don't stand a chance in a real war. I bet they will be the first ones that the penguins round up and put in labor camps, and they will deserve their fate. Oh yes they will. They'll probably be all polite and reasonable when the penguins say: "Go right in that building for delousing. Mach schnell!"

Do I sound bitter? Well, you're damn right I'm bitter. This is a black day indeed.

Anonymous said...

That is BULLSHIT! You should have won...hands down. I'm a huge fan! Keep up the good work!

Timbo said...

@ karen January 13, 2009 2:15 PM

You're very wrong. Go to their site. There it is. They should be excommunicated from the interwebs. Call them out on this dudes. If this was serious business it'd be a serious breach. Email Kevin or whateva-is-name-is @ weblog awards.

Agent Beryllium said...

F.U.P. is still pretty new, so don't sweat it. By this time next year, your hordes will beat Meg's cat-lady army handily.

Anonymous said...

Although, I must say, our fearless leader deserves some criticism for running a campaign that was even lamer than McCain's. I mean, what did I get offered to endorse him and pimp his blog? Cash? Hookers? Duck porn pics? A blowjob?

Bupkus, that's what.

Just sayin'.

cutefuckingkills said...

Sore loser, huh? Let me see, how can I say this? Oh yeah, Fuck You.
That my dear is a sore loser.

Betsy said...

This site kills Cute Overload. Not even close. Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, Goosey, check out Rule 1. The fraud accusation is a joke.

Rule 1 refers to posting embedded code on the main page that allows you to vote from that blog, rather than going to the Weblogs Awards site. The rule requires that you put it below the jump of a main page post, rather than on the main page itself.

CO just posted a link to the Weblogs page where you can vote (using the Weblogs graphic), like everyone else.

CO caters to execrable human beings who deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule, but they did not cheat.

Unknown said...

Clearly, the only reason these wretches won is that the rodent/avian population threw them over the top.

The bitter, vengeful animals of the world are responsible for the last minute coup that ensued and I, for one, we should have none of it!!

The only vengeance to be had is the repeated daily exposure of these cunning and underhanded creatures. We will not fall victim to these lame attempts at empathy!

Congrats, FUP for the MONSTROUS support and recognition you've received in a scant few months.

Ohhh...and FUCK YOU, PENGUIN! We're on to you!

DH said...

FUP may have lost this poll, but I bet you carried more states than McBush and Caribou Babs...

Anonymous said...

I have to say, though, if I had never seen CO's post to vote for them I would never have heard of FUP. I had to see why FUP was giving CO such competion. You now have a new reader!

Lodo Grdzak said...

Wait a minute, I looked at the polls and you were way up not more than 3 or 4 days ago. That was when I first discovered your blog. Something fishy there. But hey, you've got a lot of readers funny so I wouldn't sweat it.

Rob said...

DAMMIT! I feel like a hillary '08 supporter. I guess we should all rally behind them now?

Belanger said...

This is exactly why CO sucks. Those retards can't even get into a blog war without draining the life out of everyone involved.

FUP had at least a week's head start before CO even acknowledged the contest. Based in no small part to all the trash-talking from the FUP community, the CO community stepped up and crushed this bitter little den.

Your tears are like ambrosia, michaelscomments. Don't hate teh Qte, hate the game...

that southern thing said...

recently, i ventured over to cute overload to see what all the fuss was about them, and how anything could possibly be funnier than my friend FUP.

I think anyone who uses *'s to indicate action and/or humor should be writing xanga because they are in seventh grade and its NOT FUNNY.

FUP i think you even extend my lifespan a little bit everday. thank you for making me laugh. and never relying on the cheap thrill of the astrix


James B. Martini said...

Time for CO's comeuppance, I say. It is Fuck You Penguin's time. Fuck yeah!

PhilosopherQueen said...

I can't believe this!
I voted for you EVERY SINGLE DAY, even though you were ahead by a landslide. How the hell did the retards at CO manage such a comeback?
I call fowl play!

Jill Stevens, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist said...

what poll? god damn it, where the fuck have i been?

FruitFlyGirl said...

I found this website thanks to CO's mention of the blog awards.

And I....


Very much the opposite of CO in many ways, and both are refreshing. Me likey.

Anonymous said...

awww HELL naaaaaaw...

Unknown said...

Fucking CO won this award the way Obama won the Presidency - by lying, cheating, and accusing penguins of being racists. And I refuse to start supporting CO just because they won. I'm a puma, damn it!

Pell Brentwood said...



I hate cats.

Anonymous said...

Damn, my votes didn't help...

L.J. said...

STFU & GTFO "karen"

mjl said...

They clearly DID have the voting embedded on their site, along with other pandering to stupid movies about dogs and hotels. Who are these sellout-cheating-humorless-idiots anyways? Curses on them and their "cute overload" BS. We will prevail!

M said...

I think it is awesome that in the last 21 days BZA has averaged almost 40 new followers a day.

To me that number rocks since BZA admits that site took 5 minutes to design (must have had a Kaptcha issue that slowed the process down.)

I love it. Kudos!

lol: ...If I wanted some fucking perspective...

Think Tank said...

I can only imagine the shit-storm of complaining had they lost to this site.

Also, I was following the polls, and if I remember correctly, they went from a very small percentage to a neck and neck race. I'd call shenanigans cause I think there's more than just a few things wrong with this picture.

Katebits said...

I'm so pissed about this. I can't even talk about it.

Drew - Your friendly neighborhood geek and cynic; loved by good, feared by evil said...

I love this blog! WOO!

O.C.K. said...

such bs ... theres no way CO could have actually won with out cheating .. thats fucking bullshit .. everyone needs to email awards@weblogawards.org and tell them whats up ... also did any one happen to get a screen shot of the poll on the HP? FUP 4 life death to CO

Anonymous said...

Its sad that the 13 year old glitter obbsessed girls over at CO had to resort to cheating to win. But hey, if they really wanted to win something by cheating, then go for it.

I love Fuck You Penguin and so does most of the posters here not including Karen a 13 year old glitter obsessed CO lover, who has nothing better to do than come over here to defend COs lame cheating actions.

FUCK YOU PENGUIN is still and always will be a winner!

Belanger said...

FUCK YOU PENGUIN is still and always will be a winner!

Except when it's a loser...

I didn't realize you bitter trolls were also mathematically challenged. Here are the final numbers:

CO: 13,387
FUP: 13,279

Thirteen K?!? Given that CO gets around 100,000 daily visitors, 13,000 is pretty low number. It's not too surprising CO was able to mount such a rapid comeback.

But whatever makes you happy. By all means, continue to bitch, moan and whine about some silly, little popularity contest. This is boring.

Unknown said...

Did I miss the moment in the existence of the universe in which this poll actually meant ANYTHING?
It doesn't.
You lost.
Suck it up--you won't get a magical award made of nothingness or the neverending esteem of the people that Already read your blog.
What you will get is more hits from people who didn't know you existed, but now do because of this "award".
You know, the award that means NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

and you come on here....who should get a life?

Jeanne Pascal said...

Cute Overload sucks. That lady and her dumb sugary schmaltzy way of typing....gah! FUP is the best, regardless of what some web award says.

Unknown said...

Fuck you, Fuck You, Penguin.

I don't really mean it. I just wanted to say it.

Erica said...

Super lame that CO won, I've been boycotting that site for months, ever since they started accepting money to show Hartz ads on their site. Cause ya know, it's wicked cute to sell products that kill our pets.

I just discovered this site a few weeks ago after a friend of mine mentioned it to me, I really love it! I voted for you!

greenjoker13 said...

How long has CO existed? Based on the monsterous number of damnably cute pictures and videos, encouraging and enabling the twisted and evil minds beneath the big eyes and fuzz, I'd guess that they've been around for awhile. On the other hand, FU Penguin has been up and running for less than a year, now? And it doesn't appear that BZA has whored the site out to any and all profit seeking advertising company that comes along, unlike CO. And yet, despite all this, FUP lost the prestigious blog awards by a measly 108 votes? A loss no doubt due to frantic last-minute voting by a handful of fans using every computer that they could get their sticky, penguin-loving fingers on? It seems to me that a young blog like FUP giving CO such an aneurysm over all of this and only losing by such a small margin (and questionable tactics on the part of the blog itself) seems like a win in spirit, if not in actuality. 2009 will be ours. Tremble, Cuteness Overload! Send word to your fuzzy rodent masters that this year is the year when we rise up and take our hearts back from the adorable animals that seek to steal them!!
Fuck you, penguin. Fuck you forever.

greenjoker13 said...

*ahem* case in point here. I was scanning through the slanderous comments posted on CO (last time I am ever going there. I actually puked a little) and I came up with this gem regarding the contest:

"I am going to the library this afternoon and I am going to vote on every computer I can get my hot little hands on!
also I will vote from work
Down with vulgar penguin sites!"

Nothing like padding the polls to put your smarmy, sickeningly cute site over the top, eh?

lorrielink said...

wow, im shocked. you were sooo ahead ????

i had actually never heard of CO untill you posted about it the other day. when i read the comments there i knew i wouldnt be going back. i read a few thinkin they were just triing (and failing) to be funny, then i realized they were actually seriously offended by FUP.
what made me laugh the most were the people who were all "goodness grace god almighty, they use CUSS words over there." *gasp* i think people who subscribe to that blog are actually doin it to look at cute pictures of animals....weird.

this place fuckin rocks, the posts fuckin rock,the commenters fuckin rock. and i have to tell you i was confused at first that this blog was in the animal blogs section.

also, if they have 100,000 subscribers why did only 13,000 vote? especially since many of them voted repeatedly........

Alex said...

It's those motherfucking Pandas.

Useless fucks that they are. It's a big conspiracy...they are taking over man. I tell you, we'll wake up one day and they'll be in charge and shit.

We'll all be spending all our time feeding them fish and bamboo...(obviously to the Pandas and Penguins in that order...just to spread the fucked upness a bit more).

Bastard Penguins. And Pandas.

I hate you.

Carol Naylor said...

CO which has been carefully nurturing its squeeing community for FIVE YEARS narrowly beats FUP which has been around for nearly FOUR MONTHS

Well that's a bit of a hollow victory isn't it?

FUNNY PETS said...

Whine, whine, whine!
Do you want some cheese to go with that whine?
"Penguins!" (http://penguinsland.blogspot.com/)wasn't even nominated!

aloria said...

CO used to be one of my favorite sites before every single comment section got over-run by sanctimonious whiners screaming animal abuse every time someone put their pet in a costume or groomed their cat. I can't even visit that site any more because all of the ignorance starts my blood boiling.

Most people here don't seem to take themselves (or this site) so damned seriously, and that is why I love you, FU Penguin.

Katie said...

This is obviously a travesty. You can't even comment on their thread on cute overload because DEY KNOW DEY FUCKED UP.


There is no falsely accusing anyone. That idiot talking about poor sportsmanship obviously didn't read the rules either.

Michelle Obama said...

For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of the internet.
"Whitey" will no longer be able to hold my penguin brothers down, or treat them as second class birds. Most importantly, FUP does nothing to help Michelle's children.
To quote a very good friend of the family, "it's like FUP's chickennnnnnnnzzz...coming home to rooooossssst."
Take that, crackers!

kingstreetfarm said...

The outrage and bitter "qte" lovers make this all worthwhile.

Keep on fuckin', Fuck You Penguin. Um, er something.

Danuška said...

Ok... The FYP person makes me laugh, as intended.

Now, some of the comments here just make me sad cos they're hateful, spiteful, arrogant and plain dumb.

Some of you have no sense of humour and are thus unable to grasp the humour behind FYP. Or CO for that matter. Ya really think FYP and CO are at war? Methinks NOT...

Wee Laura said...

Don't mind the haters, FYP. You're still not only the best pet blog on the web, you're the best blog on the web, period. I love you, FYP.

Mother. Fucking. Side-splitting.

Handbasket to Hell said...

Yeah...like you didn't stack your votes....hell you aren't even a pet blog you wankers. Suck it and die.

MikeHell said...

Cheating and still only winning by .3%? How pathetic. I emailed the Bog Awards geeks...I hope many of you did too.

Elayne said...

I dunno nuthin' about embedding or code or this or that, but I do know that I went over to CO from here, and voted (for FUP) from the main page of their site. (I got a rebellious little thrill, voting for FUP from CO's own site.)

The poll was up, I clicked the FUP button, and it started tallying up the votes. It didn't redirect anywhere or even reload the page, just started showing the numbers. So, maybe they pulled some strings to make it technically "not on the front page" but it sure did work that way.

Still and all, I want to congratulate you, FUP... I was completely gobsmacked when I first voted and saw how far in the lead you were. You're a nearly-new blog, and had CO not peed its collective self at the thought of losing to a site that uses - gasp! - BAD WORDS, you'd probably have won by a tremendous margin. AND, you came that close without (giving the appearance of) putting a poll on your front page. So: Well played, FUP. Very well played, indeed.

Elayne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elayne said...

Oh, and PS... part of the reason I refuse to bookmark CO is because of the horrifically obnoxious design and all the ads. It's a pain in the ass to read, and (as they themselves noted) all the good pics show up elsewhere sooner or later anyway.

I'm sure you'll get advertising and a redesign sooner or later, but when you do, can you keep CO in mind as an example of what NOT to do?

(deleted original post for typo)

Unknown said...

I doubt this site will last five years, and if it does, I doubt it will remain ad free.

Meghan said...

So I checked out Cute Overload, and it may be the stupidest site I have ever wasted my time on. Even Can I has Cheezburger got some laughs out of me! Cute Overload just creeped me out. It's like a romance novel about pets. Ew. I need to poke my eyes out and then promptly shower, excuse me.

Nonnie said...

First, Cute Overload is featured on ex-felon Martha Stewart's teevee show. Then this. Coincidence? I think not.

Sharon Carlaine said...

I am really disgusted that FUP did not win. I worked damn hard on spreading the web site, and making sure friends and loved ones knew they would get whipped if they did not vote every 24 hours.


We still love you, and you will never be second place to your fans here in Puerto Rico.

J said...

DIDN'T WIN!!!! WHAT??!!! I am livid! I thought that ONE fucking vote makes a difference! I voted exactly once.
Obviously there is cheating amidst these bloggers...
*sigh* Next year... We will get them next year.

Emilie said...

This is so reminiscent of that moment on "America's funniest home videos" when the absolute worst and unfunniest video took home the prize. Except, FU penguin is funnier and more brilliant than anything on AFHV, of course...

Unknown said...

well, I for one am glad CO put the poll on their main page. I would never have known about FUP otherwise. brilliant. I don't think these two blogs belong in the same category. FUP fills a void in my life I didn't even know was there. . .and it's all thanks to CO.

DJ said...

I first heard about this blog from the contest posted on CO's page.
I became a fan when CO censored my post that said I voted for "Fuck You Penguin".

http://goeastyoungwomantodubai.wordpress.com/ said...

I too found FUP through that clearly cheatin' link.

Don't give me shit about frozen imagines versus live voting pages. The intention of the rule was clearly broken by CO.

I'll still read CO but I won't respect them afterwards.


Alex Colby said...

The difference between FUP readers and CU readers is that FUP readers are cooler and can kick CU readers' asses.

Screw the "best pet blog" award.

MichieGrl said...

Um, are all of you failing to understand the same humor in this post that we enjoy through out the rest of FUP?

OzarkTroutBum said...

My first reaction on hearing this news was to go outside and stomp on something cute and furry. Then I realized that those little shits move FAST and would require way too much effort on my part.

I settled instead for sneaking next door and filling up the squirrel feeders with Styrofoam peanuts. Let the furry little tree rast munch on those awhile....

Unknown said...

FUP, I am thoroughly disappointed in you being such a sore loser! get the fuck over yourself!!! CO didnt cheat... you're just sad you're shit doesnt stink like theirs!!

Theo said...

Amanda, that was... what?

Anonymous said...

Now I know how fucking Linus Van Pelt felt at 4am on November 1st.

Just wait 'til next year!!

The Great FUP will rise up out of the pumpkin patch and bitch slap Snoopy- you just wait and see!!!

Unknown said...

lol, to everyone calling him a sore loser..

do you really think he cares?

he said he didn't even get around to voting for himself..

he's just joking around, and i think it's hilarious.

(i'm assuming he's a he.)

Theo said...

Johnny -- [Seinfeld voice] I think you may have something there.

Unknown said...


I. fucking. love. you.

truker said...

FUP would kick the shit out of CO anyday.

Daniel said...

Hahaha, sweet Brunelleschi reference.

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