Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This cat's world is about to be destroyed

Oh, I see what you are doing, Cat. I bet you think it is so fucking cute, because you are just laying back and resting your paws on your fat fucking belly. But guess what, Cat?


That pose you are in? All cats do that. That's right, Cat. You are the least special cat ever. In fact, I got this picture confused with another picture of a totally different cat on a totally different couch. So what do you think of that, Cat?

Nothing, huh? Okay. Respect.


Dr.Salt said...

It is an alluring pose.

Joan of Argghh! said...

It is a suspicious pose. Suppose you had just walked in on a guy sitting like that?

Filthy cat.

Marinka said...

Cats have no modesty. So hard to respect.

Erica said...

That cat is obviously high, that's why he doesn't care. Look at his pupils - totally dilated!

Angie said...

That cat is clearly just crashing on his parents' couch, laying around and reading shit on the Internet all day.

WHY DON'T YOU GET A FUCKING JOB, CAT. I'm officially putting all the blame for this shitty economy on YOU.

katrocket said...

At least one of those cats had the presence of mind to crack open a beer.

sacatholic said...

At least the other cats have balls, cat... fucking poser.

KP and Stef said...

I second the job things. Pay some fucking rent you damn free loader.

Unknown said...

I think that's two cats...sorry... I mean I fucking think that's two fucking cats. Well, you know what I mean...It two cats.

Matt said...

Gaaaahhhh!!! Cute Overdouchebags are within 500 votes!

John said...

Cat thinks he's people.

Tranq Jones said...

The cat is waiting for whomever has the camera to leave... so it can go back to cat-wanking --without being interrupted.

Tara Rabeumdeay said...

Cats are lazy assholes. And people think pics of cats doing this are cute. Gawd. No. They're only enabling cats to continue to be lazy assholes.

Theo said...

Matt -- this is what HAPPENS. I'm tellin ya.

Wee Laura said...

The fascists at Cute OverLoRd are within 1.6 percentage points of us! VOTE, PEOPLE! VOTE! Think of the children!!!

Anonymous said...

I love cats.

Respect. ha ha ha ha ha!

Molly M said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with the cat post (though it was pure awesome). I was perusing Valentine's Day Cards today and noticed a whole lot of them were disgustingly cute animals. But the messages were always sappy or funny ha ha. I wanted them to be like FU Penguin! YOU TOTALLY NEED TO COME OUT WITH A LINE OF GREETING CARDS!!! Think about it.

Theo said...

Wee Laura -- you know, there actually is (or rather, was) a Cute Overlord. It hasn't been updated in over a year, but it's even another Blogspot dealie. I kinda miss it.

Anonymous said...

Such a common cat pose... :-P

Dumont J. Walker III said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DH said...

My cat struck that pose on my sofa once.......Once.

Melvillain said...

One day this cat will rule the world.

Your baby is an asshole said...

that cat isnt very cute...i've seen much cuter.....and fatter....

Anonymous said...

fuckin hilarious. love this article and this blog. im a new follower.

audi steele said...

Just another Washington Fat Cat, living it up...

Keta said...

Take that, blackrose. Not a pet blog my Aunt Fanny...

Oh and, Cat, honey, don't know how to say this but taupe is not a good color for you. You need contrast! Next time let's make it a red couch, okay?

Anonymous said...

Here's one on a desk chair.

Very different!


Chris said...

That is the default "interupted while licking myself" pose.

JAMES WOE said...

this cat obviously has a 12 inch mouse inserted in a preferable orafice...give the bitch a bit of privacy right?

Unknown said...

Finally! Someone with a voice and some fucking sense! You deserve a standing ovation for this blog. You've got my vote all the way.

Sylvia said...

I think favabeads is right; it looks like two cats. In which case we've interrupted a kinky feline 69 engagement.

I'd say I'm ashamed to look but I think both of those cats still feel like they're special. And they need a dose of fucking reality.

Anonymous said...

Cats think they're all sexy and shit. Make's me sick.

Kendra Holliday said...

I just voted for your foul site - you're neck/neck with Cute Overlord!!! I will send a message out to my troops! Cuz I looove my cute animals with hot sauce!!!

Matt said...

Cute Overload is up by 8 votes. Oh, the inhumanity.

Theo said...

...not to mention the felinity, caninity, equinity, ursinity...

Theo said...


dOn_gAtO said...

Bored Cat is Bored ??

Randy said...

this cat is mocking us all.

exboy99 said...

best part is that the other cat on the other couch looks JUST like this cat on this couch!

Jessica Mooney said...

Cats are sluts.

cutefuckingkills said...

Cats are evil I tell you. First they bamboozle you into believing they LOVE you, take you for all your money and affection, then IGNORE you. Except of course when they drag their vile kitty litter into your bed in the middle of the night when THEY need their requisite 15 minutes of affection.
Bastards, all of them. Fuck You Cat Bastard!

Erin said...

Okay 41 comments and no one has pointed out the set on the grey cat linked to the word "do" (heh)?

I mean really, that's pornographic.

tjpatriot said...

This s what they do when they can't find an infant to steal breath from.

TY said...

Wow - the white cat with the beer was my sister's first pet. No idea how the hell that cat made it around the internet, but now that he's dead, it almost seems like an all too fitting tribute.

So, yeah, fuck you, Chandler. You smug piece of shit. Your broke my Ken Griffey Jr. Starting Lineup figure and pissed on my turtle.

Unknown said...

I'll tell you this much: a cat sitting back like that might not be that rare, but it's a fuck lot more "special" than some pissant blogger mentally stuck in his formative years who can't think of anything better to do than post insipid bullshit like that in an effort to be "edgy."

Christ, this is retarded. A co-worker sent me this link, and I may never speak to him again. It's people like you who make me wish the internet had never been invented sometimes.

kilgore said...

my cat always told me she was special because she did that and she should therefore be treated with the utmost respect. lying bitch. always trying to sit on my lap and shit.

Aynex Mercado said...

This is fucking hilarious and I never use that word. See what you guys made me do?

Fredrick Stevens said...

Hey we all know the cat population is nothing more than an evil cabal bent on world domination. We can't stop them, they're just too damn clever and they know it. That's why they never seem to give a shit.

We should all probably just kill ourselves. It's futile to try and stop them.

Unknown said...

That cat can't even be arsed to get up off his fat behind and find the remote control. Like, He-llo-ooo. L-O-S-E-R.

This one's even more of a complete and utter nob: http://littlecatdiaries.blogspot.com/2008/07/most-witless-looking-cats-challenge.html

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blog!!! It's my most favorite ever! Ur awesome. Screw you, cat.

LJ said...

Brilliant blog, sir.

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